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I'm a mix of life stories and memorable experiences

Inventor, Created the Innovators Tool®, Innovators Process®, Innovators Habits©,
fertility loan, stem cells loan and a couple of others, filed a number of Patents and
Innovations in different industries.

Innovation Expert, Consulted & Trained more than a 130 Institutions in 25 Countries.

Keynote Speaker, I love inspiring, energizing and surprising my audience, get ready.

Author, Writing 2 books on Innovation, keep an eye on that, a case study in Professor Philip
Kotler's university textbook, Principles of Marketing enjoy reading.

Opera Singer "Tenor", My favorites are modern soft Opera, Napolitan Songs and Bel Canto.

A Chocolate Lover, How can you resist a refined tablet of chocolate,
Dark is my preferred.

A Believer, That all human beings are born creative and can
become innovators, Crazy but real and tested throughout years.

Maher is a top-level speaker with amazing energy and verve. People
warm to him, and he is able to bring a unique set of talents to his audience.

Brett King

Author - The Rise of Technosocialism, Founder - Moven, Speaker, Radio & Media Personality

Maher the Innovator led the way to our brains in one of the rare joyful
moments. Proving his style to unleash the creative potential inside the
learners and transform them into innovators.

Fatima Mahfouz

Managing Partner & Board Member

Maher is well known as a leader of Innovation led new financial
products and a pubic speaker you really can’t forget.

Manuela Andaloro

Senior Advisor – Board Member – Speaker - Author & Investor

Maher is one of the best Innovation presenters I have worked with.
Exceptionally skilled at inspiring & communicating innovation
techniques. I could not recommend anybody as highly.

Geoffrey Bye

AI Futures / AI Tech North

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Maher Mezher is the Founder of the Innovators League®,

a regional consulting and training firm that has been built on his theory that innovation is a science and can therefore be taught.

He is an innovation expert and internationally recognized speaker who delivered speeches in more that 25 countries.

As a professional consultant and trainer with more than 20 years of experience, he has served more than 130 clients from a variety of industries including Telecom, Banking, Education, Oil and Gas, Retail and Pharmaceuticals, among many others.

As a well-known Public figure, he has been interviewed by more that 150 international media outlets including CNN, BBC, Russia Today, Kyodo, and Reuters regarding his cutting edge innovations.

He is the creator of many inventions including the Innovators Tool®, the first innovation App built on Music, Sound effects, 3D animated images, Dynamic quotes and Startigec tailored questions that guides innovators to transform their ideas into profitable innovations, the Innovators Process® , Innovators Habits© and The Become an INNOVATOR® Methodology, as well as the Fertility Loan and Stem Cell Loan.

His ideas are so notably groundbreaking that they were mentioned as a case study in Professor Philip Kotler’s university textbook, Principles of Marketing.

In addition to his professional work, he has 15 years of university teaching experience where he strives to spread the culture of everyday simplified innovation.

On a personal level, Maher is an accomplished musical artist who plays the piano flute and drums, in addition to performing as a classical Tenor Opera singer.

I’ve joined efforts with a substantial number of Brands in different countries to Unlock their workforce creativity, drive results and Become Innovators.

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